Date: April 18th, 2016
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The challenges of providing career paths in today’s organisations

Finding, attracting and hiring the best talent is a critical activity for all businesses today and an activity, which takes an inordinate amount of time and resource.


But selecting the best talent is only the start of the journey. The hard to build on and nurture that talent to develop capabilities, experiences and retain those skills in your organisation starts now. With a generation of talent that are now focused on developing career skills, experiences and building a wealth of opportunity then traditional rewards offered such as pay rises, pensions and bonuses become less attractive.


Providing and facilitating opportunities to develop individual career journeys is a critical component of retaining your best talent. In a report from Right Management, Fulfilling Careers Instead of Filling Jobs, they highlight the significance that career conversations and providing development opportunities has in motivating employees performance at work.


So how do we do this?


I think if we can action 3 key things we can really step change the impact on developing careers and retaining our best talent. Here are my thoughts:


  1. Supporting managers and leaders in your organisation to hold development and career conversations is a great start.


Sharing with them the benefits of retaining talent in the organisations for the good of the organisation to help avoid situations where managers want to keep their star player all to themselves!


Make conversations about career the norm and part of the general dialogue in the office. This is not to say everyone is vying for the next promotion! Career development is about growing skills and capabilities as well as new opportunities.


  1. Provide visible tools and resources for employees to enable them to map their own career development.


This really does increase employee’s engagement and their commitment to the organization. Creating individual career paths and access to plans that support their ambitions whilst being aligned to the goals of the business enables them to own their future.


  1. Challenge the culture of the organization and create a ‘what if….’ Mentality.

All too often we get stuck in the way things are and the way things have been done. Career paths in today’s organisations are often formed from roles that don’t currently exist.


Our organisations and people need to be agile to survive in today’s world so what if we took took a leap of faith and tried something different or created a slightly different role that kept a real star performer and, you never know, delivered a great competitive advantage

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