Date: March 2nd, 2015
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Because We’re Happy…….

How many businesses have happy employees? How many of you are happy bosses?


What makes us happy at work and is it really that important?


Happy people are more successful, energetic and more resilient. Happy employees are central to the success of many businesses. They are more effective and deliver greater productivity. The University of Warwick completed a study which showed on average happy people were 12% more productive. So it sounds like being happy at work could be important!


These happy people have a greater capacity to succeed: So how do we capitalize on this at work?


Creating the right environment for happiness is not down to one thing or left to chance but is about a number of actions and environmental choices that result in improved experiences and well-being.


Having structured goals and objectives for employees will provide focus and milestones that achievement and progress can be measured against. These goals must be SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timebound) and have an emotional connection for employees to value the experience.  What will success feel like for them – can they picture it, imagine it or feel it?


Creating opportunities for employees to use their skills and strengths to solve new problems provides stretch and variety, as well as the opportunity to use their expertise while doing something they enjoy.


Do you recognize success and celebrate achievements? Bonuses and monetary awards deliver short term quick fix happiness but really recognizing someone’s achievements; celebrating and sharing the success of a team and sharing that success creates a positive team environment.


Communication with employees and keeping them informed is good even when the news is not so good. Inclusion, keeping people informed and letting them in strengthens their feelings of belonging and being an important part of the organization. Couple this with regular updates about individual and team performance with company progress can make a big difference to employee happiness.


There is no one quick fix to employee happiness but focus on clear goals, recognition, genuine inclusion and communication and you will be making a good start.


Happy people are more successful, energetic and more resilient. Happy employees are central to the success of many businesses – these people are also more likely to talk positively about the company they work for to customers and potential future employees. Retention rates are also higher with happier employees and this could well be your business’s competitive advantage.


We would love to hear your stories and examples of how you keep employees happy at work so please feel free to comment or contact us.

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