Date: February 6th, 2015
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Work to Live or Live to Work?


Life is good and the possibilities are endless right? Or at least that’s maybe what it felt like the first couple of weeks of the new year but two months in and many of us will have slipped back to our old routines.


How would it be if we could find a bit more balance between work and all the other stuff we want to do?


The start of the year is the time many of us start to make sweeping changes to work and home in the form of resolutions or “this year I am going to…. “ only to find 2 months later we haven’t the energy to keep it up or worse have completely forgotten what they were!


So what about finding one or two things that would free up time and give you more control? We all spend vast amounts of time at our desks often spurred on by the need to check Facebook or Twitter……!


Setting a goal to leave your desk at lunchtime even for a few minutes could be all you need to renew energy and give you a fresh perspective.


Similarly focusing on leaving work at a set time a couple of days a week to go and do something fun will provide benefits in stimulating your energy – or even getting up a bit earlier to walk the dog, have breakfast with family or go for a swim. Creating time for you really can make a difference valuing yourself and resulting in more focused productive time at work.


This all sounds good but to make it happen needs planning and commitment.


So identify something you really want to do or really care about and focus on that first. Small steps can lead to a big change in your approach to work, creating a better balance between work and home life, leading to more focus at work and a much happier you.


Now that’s got to be worth a try.


What do you think about work life balance? Give us a call or send us your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.


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