Date: July 17th, 2014
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Employer branding: is it necessary for the smaller business?

Attracting the best candidates can be a tricky business. Today’s candidates will look at what a Company has to offer them as potential employees and the values of the company, when considering them as an employer.

Often employers think about their image, or their brand, more when they are fighting for the best talent, when unemployment is low, but as we climb out of economic downturn the concept and importance of an employer brand is increasingly relevant.

You use marketing techniques to attract customers, grow your brand image and build loyalty to your company so why wouldn’t you do the same with potential candidates?

What do current and potential employees think about your business? What are you known for? Is your business attractive to the best candidates?

These are all questions to consider when thinking about your ’brand’ as an employer.


How does your brand link to your HR solutions?


A strong brand should connect your values and the way you work to your people approach and HR processes – just for large or corporate business you might ask? Perhaps, but the benefits of having a strong employer brand in the marketplace reach beyond potential employees, to your customers and importantly existing employees. It appeals to people who will perform at their best in your culture and environment.

An employer brand can be an effective tool in competing for the best talent when recruiting. It can also enhance employees engagement and commitment, and ultimately, increase employee retention rates meaning you have to spend less time and money filling vacancies.

Costly? No it doesn’t need to be. All businesses have an employer brand whether they have actively developed one or not – this is the way they are perceived as a place to work. A bit of focus on the image or brand you want to be known for could reap big rewards and make your business the place to be for potential employees.

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